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Posted in black metal, death metal, metal reviews, Skeletonwitch, Witchaven with tags , , , , , , on June 2, 2010 by GRAMPS Pantheon

Kratornas – The Corroding Age of Wounds

I was taken aback when I first started listening to The Corroding Age of Wounds. It felt kind of like I was being attacked. Not by some person or animal, but by pure, sonic rage. Suffice to say, Kratornas, manned by Bruno Zamora, takes the “more kvlt than thou” attitude to a whole new level. In its own right, this is impressive, though the song writing itself could have used a bit more work, as the eight-track album felt like one single track pummeling. Despite a lack of distinguishable songs, the frenzied, bombastic drums, wretched vocals, and surprisingly conservative guitar work on this fifty-minute evisceration do not let up once!

According to Kratornas’ Myspace page, the root of Bruno Zamora’s rage stems from “Self-Praised Pvrists, Primitive Monkeys, Trendy Clones, Sub-Human Kvltists, and Elitist Squatters who think their opinion matters.” I would argue that The Corroding Age of Wounds would serve as the perfect soundtrack to the frantic decimation of these persons. If you have an unending hatred for the above individuals definitely buy this album. If you are one of those individuals all I can say to you is “run.” [Editor’s Note: Click on this link if you would like to know more about Kratornas:]

– Cameron

Witchaven – Terrorstorm

With the popularity of bands such as Skeletonwitch, it comes with no surprise that there are and will be band clones. Enter Witchaven and their premiere effort, Terrorstorm. While Witchaven could easily pass as a significantly less commercial Skeletonwitch, excluding some hardcore influence, this is by no means a bad thing. Within the delightful genre of blackened trash, bands like Skeletonwitch, and Witchaven, exude an indescribable “live show” presence within their recordings, in that their records are void of superficiality. While some of the tracks on Terrorstorm shine brighter than others, like “Black Thrash Assault” and “Ardent Lust,” the stand out track is “Absolute Profit,” with a chugging intro reminiscent of Motorhead and a fantastic chorus that would go great with any cheap beer.

While not particularly memorable, Terrorstorm does induce a healthy dose of head banging and beer chugging. The most important aspect of this opus is that it does not overstay it’s welcome, which is a problem some blackened/death ‘n’ thrash bands have (e.g. Blood Tsunami). If you are an appreciator of blackened thrash, this album is for you.

– Cameron