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Interview with Shaxul – A Life Force of the French Black Metal Scene

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Shaxul, a French metal musician, has had a place in the black metal scene for nearly 15 years now.  Starting in the epic band Hirilorn, he then founded Deathspell Omega in 1998.  Musical differences caused Shaxul to leave the band and pursue a different route.  Since then, he has been extremely busy with his record labels and multiple musical projects including Annthennath, Manzer, and Arphaxat.  Kindly, Shaxul agreed to answer some questions about his musical career.  Interview performed by Max.

-How does the song-writing process occur for Annthennath?

N°6 (guitar) writes the riffs and structures. Lyshd sometimes does it as well but it’s mainly N°6. Then the remaining musicians (Welkin on bass, Thyr on drums and myself on vocals) work on their own parts. I am responsible for all lyrics and concepts.

-I see that there are multiple releases planned for 2010.  Are there two full lengths and a split coming?  What can you tell us about these?

We are close to FROSTMOON ECLIPSE musically and they are friends so we wanted to do a split 7″EP with them. I came up with the idea of writing an exclusive song by each band which theme is infanticide as a natural selection. It should be available soon through REGIMENTAL Records (USA). I will release a CD through my own label ARMEE DE LA MORT Records, it will consist of 3 new tracks with a concept about nothingness, and several rare and exclusive songs so yes, it will be a full length when it comes to the duration but our real first album will be released by PICTONIAN Records, a local label run by a friend. The album is called “States Of Liberating Departure” and it features 8 tracks. It has just been mixed and mastered and I can’t tell you how much I am impressed with the result! I think this album will blow everyone away.

-Does Annthennath play live shows?

No, we are a studio band. We live quite far from each other for various reasons, we’re all very busy with other projects, and some members don’t like to play live so all this means we are not a live band. All in all, it is a part of our misanthropic concept. Personally I like playing live but I have another band for that, called MANZER.

-Regarding your now-defunct band Hirilorn, can you clarify the reason behind the break-up?

Sînn and Yohann became really too open-minded for me and Hasjarl. They were listening to many non-Metal shit, they took part in some stupid modern HardCore bands, Sînn sold his Metal collection to buy Electro/Indus shit, etc… We couldn’t stand this situation anymore. We suggested them to become session members only but as we expected it, they denied the offer and the band was dead…

-Do you foresee Hirilorn ever reforming?

It is absolutely impossible. The other 3 members don’t give a shit about HIRILORN, I don’t see them for 8 to 11 years and I simply hate them hehe…  Remember that I left them in bad terms. And I couldn’t reform the band with other members because there was a special unity between us back then, something that couldn’t be done again. Nowadays most bands reforming are very bad and it would be a shame and insult if HIRILORN would be a part of this circus.

-Prophetic Tales of Armageddon was never released until now.  Are all of the planned songs from that album on the new 2xLP?

Yes, they are all on this double LP. It has never been released before because unfortunately the band split up before recording the album. But I managed to find some decent recordings from rehearsals we made in 1999. They were good enough to be released on noble vinyl format. It is the ultimate testament of HIRILORN.

-Manzer is another one of your projects.  It seems to have a really old school feel to it, especially with your vocals.  It’s really reminding me of proto-black metal bands from the 80s.  What type of sound are you going for with Manzer?

I hate the “proto-Black” word, it’s mainly used by newcomers without knowledge about the Metal history, and VENOM are the creators of Black Metal, it is one of our biggest influence. So we are Black Metal, that’s all. Read old SLAYER mags for example and you’ll notice that the words Black Metal were used very often. Our main influences are VENOM, ABIGAIL, SABBAT, KILLERS, ATOMIZER, IMPALED NAZARENE, JAN DO FIAO, BATHORY, NME, BULLDOZER… We also want to show that Black Metal is not only the stupid norsecore style that so many people dig nowadays. We respect the roots of Metal and it is a tribute. We show we can do a traditional style with our own identity.

-Arphaxat is a duo with you on drums and bass and Draken on vocals.  What is the reason behind utilizing a no-guitar approach?

The reason is very simple: we can’t play this fukking instrument hahaha! We wanted to create a project together and we thought that using bass parts with a big distortion instead of the usual six-strings electric guitar would be OK. And it works, at least we’re satisfied with the shit we succeeded to create hehe…

-All of your musical projects (unless I’m missing some), seem to be rooted in the black metal style.  Do you foresee yourself ever playing in a separate sub-genre of metal or another genre of music?

Yes, I could play in other styles of Metal (as long as it’s traditional and not modern shitty sub-genres). It’s just that destiny made that I only played in Black Metal bands… Maybe one day I could play something else but my bands are very different from one to another so it’s really not an issue. I would like to find time to record something with traditional instruments from all over the world, nothing Metal here but it would be very special for me, the problem is that I don’t have the time for that and Metal will remain a priority for sure.

-How has your label Legion of Death Records been going?

It is going well since early 2001! This week I will unleash my 38th production, EXORDIUM MORS 7″EP from New Zealand.

-Is there a reason that you tend to sign bands that are not European?

Of course, it is the concept of my label. In Europe things are very easy when it comes to getting record deals. In some underrated or unknown places, it is very difficult. It’s a bit easier nowadays but back then it was a fukked up situation, really. I wanted to help the valuable bands in these distant countries. Though I always supported valuable European bands as well, by the way I have created a parallel label last year, called ARMEE DE LA MORT Records. It is mainly to support underrated bands from the French regions.

-What do you foresee for the future of black metal or just metal in general?

Metal will never die! People should be more underground to keep real Metal alive and they should have the balls to boycott all trends. But there’s nothing we can do, except supporting the real Metal spirit. I can mainly speak for myself and I will be Metal til death. This is the most important to me, I will never betray my thoughts.

-How would you describe the black metal scene in France right now?

It is getting better. To be honest I hated it during many years. Some years ago I discovered some bands with the correct attitude and tastes. And I want to support them with ARMEE DE LA MORT Records. I have already released 3 Black Metal albums, by FUNERAILLE, CARNYX and ANKRISMAH. Get them if you want to know what real Black Metal from France is all about. Nothing to do with the trendy ones that many non-French people seems to hail.

-What albums have you been listening to as of late?

As I run a label, I receive lots of new records all the time. And they are the ones I listen to. So for example, last week I listened a lot to NECROWRETCH, RESUSCITATION, TUDOR, COMBAT NOISE, INFERNAL CURSE, AFFLICTIS LENTAE, DEIPHAGO, CURSED NIHIL, ZÜÜL, etc… But of course I pick up an older record from time to time!

-What are some of your overall favorite albums?

It is extremely difficult to answer this question as there are so many but I can mention VENOM “Black Metal”, SABBAT “Envenom”, IRON MAIDEN “Powerslave”, SADISTIK EXEKUTION “The Magus”, MANILLA ROAD “Crystal Logic”, SARCOFAGO “INRI”, MASSACRA “Enjoy the violence”, SLAYER “Reign in blood”, etc…

-Any closing remarks or things you’d like to promote?  Thank you so much for the interview!

Not that I want to promote anything but I encourage everyone to check my webshop with tons of true underground Metal stuffs! That’s all, so 666 thanxxx to you for the support!!! My contacts:


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