Wind of the Black Mountains – Interview with Tim Sever

Here we present an interview with Tim Sever of the long-standing American black metal outfit Wind of the Black Mountains.

Good day to you, Tim.  How are you?

I’ve been good, busy as always it seems.

It’s been a whole 8 years since the last WOTBM album.  Is anything in the works?

Xaphan (Wastelander, SUmmon, Dark Psychosis) and I have an mcd recorded for Moribund that has been in the mixing process for quite some time now. After Tchort passed, Nunrapist (Cemetary Desecrator) had some old guitar and vocal tracks that he had rough recordings of from Tchort, we cleaned them up a bit and added what we thought needed to be added to make them full songs. I’m still not sure when this will be finished and sent to Moribund, but as soon as it is, it will be a day for us to celebrate. It’s definitely been a big pain and a very long wait.

Tchort, (of whom I must express my condolences of his passing), seems to have been the founding member of the band.  Why did he split from the band in 2001?

Tchort was definitely the sole and founding member of WOTBM. Unfortunately he also had his own demons that always kept him from doing more than he was capable of. I had went to visit friends in New Mexico for a couple weeks in 2001. Upon my return I had a lot of messages from concerned friends telling me Tchort had sold every part of his equipment to satisfy his addictions, which included guitars, cabinets, pedals, everything. When I got ahold of him about it, he informed me he couldn’t do it anymore, that he wanted to get his life straightened out for himself and his newly born son. He also expressed that he didn’t want WOTBM to be killed off and he wanted me to keep it going. The unfortunate thing with this was I’ve always kept myself busy with live bands as well as my kids, thus leaving WOTBM somewhat on the back burner, working on it when I had the chance.

Your first album, Sing Thou Unholy Servants, seems to have a much slower and ritualistic feel.  Your second album changes the style a bit by adding an element of speed and taking away some of the more experimental moments.  Was there a reason behind this slight stylistic change and did it have anything to do with the departure of Tchort the prior year?

There was no real reason for the change in styles, it just happened. As to where Tchort did everything by himself for the first album, he had a lot of time to go in and expirement whenever the opportunity arose. After he asked me to join him in doing this, we started getting a lot more of a full band feeling to it, plus, he always expressed he didn’t think a lot of songs on Sing Thou Unholy Servants would be able to be pulled off in a live setting. We wanted to play out live and with all the songs we had written after that album, we were able to do that. We would add live members to our ranks to be able to do shows here and there, but a lot of the shows we did, we did as a 2-piece.

Can you explain the album art for both of the full lengths?

The artwork for STUS I can’t explain too much about due to the fact that Tchort had picked that out before I was in the band. As for Black Sun Shall Rise, we searched and searched for artwork without knowing yet what the album would be called. We found the artwork and realised it went well with some of our lyrics, and we believed it also represented some of the inner demons that we are all controlled by, hence the reason for the male on the cover having his arms bound behind him with the temptations of life being there in front of him and him not being able to resist them. As for the new album, I believe the artwork and title Summoned by Shadows is pretty self explanatory. It shows a man walking into a forest with a demon hiding in the shadows. This title also goes well with Tchort’s passing as he was definitely drawn by his own shadows.

Is the unreleased album “The Return of Ancient One” supposed to be a full-length?  I have read that it was meant to be released back in 2002, but it still has not seen the light of day.  Will this ever be released?

Unfortunately, the material that was going to be used for this album was never recorded is now long gone with Tchort’s passing. Some of the riffs on Summoned by Shadows will be represented here, but as a whole, those songs are gone forever since they were never recorded. We wanted to make sure that everything recorded for WOTBM has Tchort’s preformances on it. After the Summoned by Shadows mcd is released, This band will be put to rest unless I miraculously dig up some more of Tchort’s works which I don’t see happening.

What are some of your primary influences?

Myself and Tchort pretty much listened to everything from old school black metal, death metal, and the early German thrash  bands. I also listen to a lot of the old east-coast hardcore and such.

Does Wind Of The Black Mountains play live?

Tchort and i played a few shows with just the two of us, but we also did many shows where we recruited live members. Past live members included Nunrapist (Cemetary Desecrator), Azazel (Left Hand Trinity), and Lord Nuzzi (Serpent Crown).

Do you find that the black metal scene is still going strong?

I believe it is, some of the bands are getting a lot more exposure out there now than what could have been fathomed years ago. The lines have become so dilluted now though, and it seems that if a band will throw on some corpse paint just to be labeled black metal and follow a lot of the trendy aspects of it. Unfortunately, unless you’re one of the old school bands that started out doing this 20 years ago (give or take a year or two), the shock value it used to hold has been lost.

What are some of your favorite albums of all time?

I could probably be here all day doing this. Like I said before, I have quite the diverse liking for a lot of extreme musics. Some of the earlier bands that got me into this that I can still listen to to this day are the obvious like Venom’s Black Metal, Celtic Frost’s Into Mega Therion, onto bands like Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Possessed, Sodom, Kreator of course. And then into bands like Behemoth or the old hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, or what have you. It’s so hard for me to talk about favorite albums, styles, or even bands, cause each band and each album bring their own thing to it and all of them have certain aspects I like more or less than other recordings from the same bands.

Do you have anything that you’d like to add or promote?

I would definitely like to thank you, Max, for showing your support and interest in WOTBM. Hopefully the new album will be out soon through Moribund. Also, please check out my main live band, Genocya. We put a lot of the elements from the bands I’ve listed in this interview into our music, and we’ll be having a new cd out very soon. Thanks a ton!!

Thanks so much, Tim!


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  1. hey tim long time no hear man .i have been trying to get ahold of you rj says he talks to you every now and then.. if you dont remember me i put on that concert at the be henry in marshall awaile back.with you and reviele and a few others hit me up some time i would like to catch up some time. i still have the demo disc from when you first started wotbm later man

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