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First Issue Album Reviews

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The review section from the first issue of Pantheon is now completely digital. The following are reviews of releases by Acheron, Krallice, Irate Architect, Skeletonwitch, Circle of Contempt, Satanic Destroyer, and Mortiis. Enjoy.

Acheron Review

6 Album Reviews



Hirilorn “Legends of Evil and Eternal Death” Review

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Every now and then, I encounter an album that I listen to so frequently that it becomes iconic of a certain period in my life.  Nelly’s rap album Country Grammar will always bring me back to Track and Field practice at my grade school.  Slipknot’s Vol. 3 will always remind me of transitioning from middle school to high school.  Graveland’s Thousand Swords is always going to be the album that served as a perfect otherworldly escape when my mother was suffering from cancer.  This past winter break has yielded the newest addition to my list of iconic albums: Hirilorn’s Legends of Evil and Eternal Death, a beautiful piece of black metal art.

Before the great Deathspell Omega existed and progressed black metal into unforeseen realms of avant-garde genius, a few of the DSO members played in the short-lived and still underground Hirilorn.  Honestly, I’m shocked that this band is not more widely-known.  Since being introduced to them a few months back, I have been blown away by the sheer quality of their music.  After releasing one of the greatest demos I’ve ever heard (A Hymn to the Ancient Souls), Hirlorn returned in 1998 to deliver their only full-length album, Legends of Evil and Eternal Death.

Don’t let the four tracks deceive you into believing this is an EP.  The songs are epics, lasting between 12-17 minutes apiece.  When I say “epic,” I mean it in every sense of the word.  Admirably, Hirilorn never resorts to cheesy synths and overbearing orchestral breaks to achieve this epic feeling.  Rather, they craft beautiful atmospheres with the tastefully used ambient keyboards, poetic and fantastical lyrics, and unbelievable guitar melodies.  Oh my god, the lead guitar…  While everything else (the rhythm guitar, drums, vocals, aforementioned keyboards and lyrics) are all extremely well-done and add their own important elements to the overall package, nothing trounces the melodic leads.  Honestly, they could be the most beautiful melodies I have heard in metal music, even surpassing my prior favorites that existed within Dissection’s two masterpieces The Somberlain and Storm of the Light’s Bane.

I do not want to give the impression that the leads are the only aspect worth mentioning.  10:27 into “Through the Moonless Night” breaks into a frenetic black metal riff devoid of any real melody but perfectly heavy and memorable nonetheless.  I’m hard-pressed to not headbang every time this moment occurs.  Legends of Evil and Eternal Death is full of these moments.  Unconventional song structures allow for plenty of softer asides and newly introduced riffs and melodies.  Luckily, the songs never get lost in the constant change and tend to return to previously introduced riffs and melodies, successfully making the songs distinct from each other.

If I have not made it clear by now, let me do so.  Listen to this album!  With its unique melodies and overall epic atmosphere, Legends of Evil and Eternal Death solidifies its place among the greatest albums I have ever encountered.  While I obviously cannot guarantee that this will become an iconic album in other people’s lives, I feel confident enough in its quality to deem it one of the greats in the black metal genre.  Hirilorn’s masterpiece should grace the ears of every extreme metal fan at some point in their life.


Upcoming Posts

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Coming soon…

-Ryan’s Top 24 Metal Songs

-Reviews from our first issue (including Acheron, Krallice, Circle of Contempt, and Mortiis)

-New stuff AKA not yet (or ever) featured in the print version

Stay tuned!


Aaron’s Album of the Year/Beer Article

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Today, I present you with two more articles.  First up is Aaron/Brother Bartholomew (of Prog Promulgation fame) giving us an explanation of his favorite album of 2009.  Also, Mr. JJ Garsombke provides a nice little editorial on one of his most prized brews.  Somewhat unrelated to music, though interesting nonetheless!


Bart’s Album of the Year/Beer Article

Prog Promulgation/A Necessary Listening Experience

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Here we have two articles.  The first, written by sirs Adam and Aaron, is an editorial glorifying progressive rock by explicating the beauty of two classic albums (one well-known and the other obscure).  The second article is a short analysis of a metal album that I consider to be a “necessary” musical experience.  Enjoy my friends.


Prog Promulgation/A Necessary Listening Experience

ACHERON Interview

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And thusly we begin!  Here is the highlight of our first issue: our interview with the Ohio-based death metal band Acheron.  This was transcribed from a 35 minute audio interview recorded at their show in Madison, WI this past November.  Enjoy!


Acheron 1

Acheron 2

Acheron 3


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We are a band of humans at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who wish to share our love of metal and prog (and all different genres of music) with the world.  Here, you will find an electronic version of our printed magazine “Pantheon.”  We hope to have a new issue out every few months, though we may update this blog with “extras” that aren’t in the physical zine.  If you want a physical copy of the magazine or have any questions, email us at

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